Dialogue About NYC Youth & Dogs: A Change Is In Order

I just had another of the “What can we do with the urban youth?” conversations. I really don’t see it as such a great mystery, actually. If we want children/young adults to make better choices in dog husbandry and, especially in the manner in which dogs are being handled, then perhaps a little motivation and guidance is called for. A contest? Perhaps something akin to dancing with dogs, with an urban edge? A step show? Tricks? Scent detection? Ideas?

I’d like to say I know local young people I would invite to participate, but I really don’t. Do you? Know any parents, guardians or people who are routinely encountering youth in need of support and guidance in the Canephile arena? I have such a person in mind. It’s time to go fishing for some youth!

Any suggestions? I’m happy to coach folks, locally, in person. I suspect we can put together a technological approach, if we have young people in more distant locations…

Starting, now…


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