I Fell Through A Hole…


So, there was a pretty big defect in the floor of the gazebo. I should have seen it, but there was a nearly naked woman jogging nearby, so I was distracted and I fell into…

Just kidding.

When working with fearful dogs, it is wise to take advantage of any opportunity to cut through the glaze of dread that some dogs just seem to live with. It may be more appropriate to say they “exist,” actually. For some of the really fearful dogs, life seems pretty painful. In the above picture, I felt I had a window of opportunity to connect with my client’s Canaan Dog. It would have probably been better for an Israeli desert dog and more humane for my client if it had been warmer than 37° Fahrenheit, but as I mentioned – when opportunity strikes, you roll with it. Western massage is a tool in my bag of tricks. It helps with bonding, builds trust and can set the stage for relaxation. More on this, shortly.

The three of us (human dog owner, the Canaan Dog, and I) took an extended walk to a local park. The desert dog’s owner has only recently been able to walk her dog any real distance away from her building because the dog would panic, freeze and attempt to bolt indoors. My client suggested a walk to the park and I’m always up for walking, so…

This particular suburban village park has recently embraced a degree of dog friendliness. The signage is conflicted – at the entrance, dogs are both prohibited and welcome. We wandered into an area where dogs are verboten. A park employee teleported to our location, drove us away and set Wards of Protection against further trespassing. We attempted to visit the ducks, but the duck pond is entirely enclosed by fencing. Seems weird to not be able to access a pond in a suburban park, but what do Bald people know?


She, who is of biblical note was displeased with some of the park’s architectural features, but she consented to escorting me into a large gazebo. I hadn’t intended to stay in this gazebo for any length of time, but “without getting all nuts and granola,” she seemed that she might be receptive to physical contact. Fortunately, I read her correctly. The picture at the top of this post is of my first extended massage session with this girl. I was concerned that her owner would want to kill me because I kept her out in the cold for a while, but her dog’s relaxation in the gazebo and renewed energy, once we resumed walking was obvious, so she didn’t feel too badly about the near freezing temperatures.

Our work will continue, soon – there are issues with door bells and telephones, that need to be addressed, presently.

More positive results to follow.


One thought on “I Fell Through A Hole…

  1. Good morning, Myrna! I’m glad to hear from you. I had no idea and will gladly remove it. I’m sorry for any offense. Have a nice day.

    I would love to speak to you, sometime, as the Canaan Dogs are really interesting. You are obviously a huge repository of information about them.

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