Reducing Customer Sacrifice & The Canephile

jaggerCustomer Sacrifice: The gap between what individual customers settle for in buying mass produced goods, and services, and what each customer wants exactly.

Professionally, I hope to develop relationships with my clients where we are reducing or eliminating customer sacrifice. I have an idea. Maybe some of my readers will engage me in a discussion about customer sacrifice and mass customization (a marketing and manufacturing technique that combines the flexibility and personalization of “custom-made” with the low unit costs associated with mass production).

While I can understand some concerns of discussing pet dogs in a manner that may seem similar to a toaster oven, I can envision a space where we might truly explore this from a perspective of the human experience of being a dog owner, pet parent, or what have you. Aberrant examples aside, we have a fairly good grasp of how to warehouse large numbers of animals, and we make placement decisions according to whatever criteria we use for that purpose, etc. I find that few people have a strong focus on supporting the people on the other end of that strappy thing that we call a leash. If we generally assume that the dog welfare issues are “covered,” might people be worthy of more attention? After all, aren’t the dog owners ostensibly caring for the dogs?

Go back to a time before the person has their new pet dog. What are their dreams, their aspirations of cohabiting with a dog? Are their expectations achievable with the resources they have at hand? The question that rolls around in my entrepreneurial Bald dome…


“What one dimension of customer sacrifice, if eliminated, would create the greatest value for customers?” It seems sensible to be working on this, proactively.



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