Dual Doctor Families: Raising Canes

It began as a discussion on a commuter train between one of our 50-ish Canephile members and a few twenty something women, who were applying for postgraduate medical training positions into residency programs at NYC training hospitals (“The Match”). As it turns out, one of the women was married to another resident and the matching system provided for them to land in the same area – the family wouldn’t be disrupted by their desire to continue with their training as medical doctors.

twobrowndocsThe fledgling doctors mentioned a support group that had been in existence, but has seemed to have become defunct. There are unique stressors that exist in households where there are two people who are not only insanely driven, but who also pursue similar goals – when Michael first mentioned these young women to me, I shuddered when I considered what their student debt probably was and what pressures were just around the corner for them. However, these young doctors have already invested a great deal of themselves on their chosen career paths. Most would survive and ultimately thrive.

blacklesbianvetsYoung adults often want pets – in fact, some consider pet ownership to be a test drive for parenting (another topic that young couples frequently navigate). I said to Michael, “Wouldn’t it be nice to develop relationships with more young, intelligent pet parents? In the early years of their training, these folks are worked practically to death, yet some of them will still choose to bring home one or more dogs. Young, ridiculously busy professionals need support to make the best choices they can to designing successful lives.” Michael agreed. I went looking for information about the support group that once existed. It was slim pickings.

Ultimately, it came to pass that a Facebook Page  – “Pet Support for Dual Doctor Families” and the “Dual Doctor Families” Facebook group were created. Of course, they aren’t really populated, but what’s the saying? If you build it, they will come?

twomaledosSo, if any of you know any of those insanely busy driven couples who either want or have a dog, please point them towards the FB Page or the Group. It’s a specialized resource designed just for these Type A folks, who are wanting to integrate some dog love into their lives. We always want to nurture people who have a desire to responsibly integrate dogs into our communities. Thank you!


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